Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Windy Destinations

This is with reference to the city of Chicago. I have been to this wonderful city twice now and both the times were during the thanksgiving weekends (Nov). The first time I saw Chicago it was with a whole crowd of fellow friends from UMR. We were basically out to have a good time and rather it was also the fact that we had about a week ahead of us in Rolla with absolutely nothing to do.(Now Rolla can sometimes get rather depressing and bleak when most ppl have left durin holiday breaks and there is nothing to be done.)
The trip was excellent overall and also because I met an old friend in Chicago from my days in Engg in Mumbai.We had a great time at Devon Avenue

I made my second trip to Chicago during Thanksgiving 07. Now I made this trip to meet an old friend from Mumbai again. Gerry gave me a ride from Rolla - St.Louis following which I took the Amtrak to Chicago Union Station.Chicago this time gave me a proper feel of the place. With just the map provided by the CTA I could comfortably navigate the city at my own pace.
In spite of the chill in the air, looking from Navy Pier for a view of the amazing skyline felt great.Devon Avenue as usual is always a stop over for any desi who is visiting Chicago to sample the fares of this place. Millenium Park was fun especially the 'bean'.

Since there is the facility of the fun pass which allowed you to use an unlimited number of rides on the CTA(bus,train) we usually made our way to Loyola and then Devon for several breaks :)
I wasn't all enthu about the prospect of leaving Chicago back for Rolla, but I made my way to Sameer's place in Aurora. He was coming back to St.Louis with his mom and after a hearty lunch at his place we made our way to St.Louis from where a very very patient Devdutt got me back to Rolla.


squeezed jamun said...

Hmmmm.....thanksgiving 2006..i remember....remember the pic .. me sadu basu ....at sears....or the haish bbrrowwnies....and yes the hot chicks outside aquarium....who wanted to pose with us....
Fun Times!!!!....dude..we shud plan another trip soon

abhi-shrek said...

@ arish
hahaha...(plan a trip)...chicago fall 06...cmon man...plz don't tell me that we 'planned' that trip....hahaha...we just went with the idea that "the more the merrier"...:)
n also with a not so good cam..(the reason for mostly blurry pics)