Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking flight

Insomnia has been plaguing me for a while now especially with the trip getting closer and closer. Got done with some final packing/shopping yesterday evening. Never realized I had as much stuff as I did and even then considering just 1 checked-in bag which still has space in it I prob have a lot less stuff than most of my other friends who travel.

I made some last minute travel arrangements n will be stopping over in Istanbul for 4 days before I reach Mumbai. Turkish Airlines were fairly accommodating to my inquires and queries. Their customer support is good but the background music while you are put on hold is just irritating. Found out its actually a lot cheaper to book an entire round-trip flight and then pay the charge to change a certain segment of it, instead of booking the 2 segments separately. Once I land in Istanbul after paperwork n customs are cleared will prob just dump most of my luggage at the secured airport lockers and head into the city with a backpack. Have always wanted to do an extended stopover but never had the time/energy/money to attempt these. Istanbul came as a culmination of all three and it helps that its a lot cheaper than the rest of the EU and requires considerably lesser paperwork.

Will try and keep this space updated with some updates while in Turkey else probably some when I get back. For now though, Hey Ho, Lets Go.