Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You know you own a G37 when...

This has been lifted off of various forums, automag sections, comments etc.

You know you own a G37 when...

1. You still don't see another one the road, and the one you do see makes you go wow!!
2. When one of the things you hate most about your car is something as trivial as not having a tire pressure display in the TPMS.
3. you see a 2008 G35 sedan on the road and you wanna race them 
4. When u drive by people and they're trying to catch up to see what kind of car just flew by them.
5. When you play along when some dumb kid says... wow is that the one that has 400hp.
6. When you get nervous turning a corner too fast and think you might spin out because the car has too  much power.
7. When you drive by a Cayman and realize your car looks better, is faster and is way cheaper to own.
8. When you get your monthly car payment.
9.When you have stock brakes that are bigger than most guys aftermarket ones, same goes for the intake manifold, catback exhausts too.
10. When you get stares from young bucks to old fogies b/c they don't know if its a LEXUS or some new car
11. You get no girls hitting on you b/c they think you are too poor to buy a bmw
12.When every parking space feels like you're just way too close to the other cars in the lot.
13. When you get pissed because someone thought an Altima coupe they saw in the in a parking lot was your car!
14. When you wanna quit your job, but won't do it cuz you can't afford to see it GO.
15. When you're excited to drive to work!
16. and when you look forward to lunch cuz you cant wait to drive to the furthest place away from work.
17. you know you're a G37 owner when your talking on the hands free phone system through your car and the person on the other line can hear your exhaust.
18. You know you're driving a G when the other guy who clearly arrived at the 4way stop before you waves at you to go first so he can watch you drive by
19. When you prefer to turn down the stereo and roll down the window just so you can hear the engine purr~~ (or roar like a lion in an underground parking lot!!!)
20. You have an extra 7-8K in the bank because you didn't get the 335i
21. You can't wait till after break-in to feel what this thing can really do!
22. When you're eating milk n cereal three times a day to make your monthly payments even though you decided not to get the 335i because you wanted to save money, but you still ended up blowing the money saved on gas, parking because you can't stop driving it and you only park your car in a parking structure 5 miles away from civilization.
23. When you blow the doors off an Audi TT because some young punk thinks his car is faster than yours.
24. When you scratch your car and it feels like you just skinned yourself alive
25. Folks do a double-take at your car: 1st take to admire the car, and the 2nd take to wonder how the hell that guy (or girl!) can afford this car!
26. when guys in vettes and vipers tell you u have a wicked hot car
27. When haters insist on calling it a NISSAN, and then drive off in a Honda!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I bought a new car, a 2010 Infiniti G37 Journey Coupe. Enough said. Will post in detail after the break-in period of 1k miles.