Monday, March 17, 2008

Shopaholics Anonymous

Shopping is considered a very big stress reliever in the US. (also some times known as retail therapy.) I am a typical guy and shopping is probably one my of last things to do. (My policy pretty much is I won't buy it if I don't need it IMMEDIATELY. Procrastination is an art I have honed and perfected over the years.)

I have several friends though who are constantly on the lookout for bargains and will keep searching like it was the Templar treasure. (Mind you it isn't just gals over here that am talking about too.) I don't mind going along for shopping though as it is interesting to see new stuff and also good fun. (If you don't know what I am talking about here you have obviously not seen females going crazy on a shoe sale.)

Shopping online though from recommended stores is good if you know exactly what you are looking for. Getting electronic consumer goods especially is a simple and hassle free process. It definitely beats going from store to store looking for the best bargains.

There are various types of shoppers. There are people on whom any store depends on. These are the guys who will pick the stuff up even if they won't need the stuff. There are also roadie shoppers who will hunt and hunt for even a pair of cheap slacks. I am that kind of shopper who is hated the most by dealers. First of all I come in at the last spur and demand just for one and only one thing. Also I CAN'T bargain. If I need something that would only be possible by bargaining then I take a friend or two along who are good at haggling and get my stuff.

I admire those guys who have the perseverance to negotiate a deal with the seller. These are the guys whom I call the equivalent of the spanish matadors. They can skillfully negotiate a deal with the seller and come out looking quite contended with their purchase. Whenever a hostage situation arises then I suggest these guys to be put in the negotiation teams.

On a closing note there are also people who need therapy to relive stress from shopping. (Varun's quote from Hyderabad Blues comes to mind.) I'll be in NYC soon with shopping some where or the other on the agenda for my friends. The trip should be fun. :)


Shubhika said...

SHOPPING...I tell you it can be the biggest stress reliever..atleast for me..I am sure you know that ;)....Yes I go crazy when i see good sales on clothes and shoes and Yes I can never have enough of them.I guess that is probably the only thing I do which is typically girly..I am sure you will agree. Even if i have had a rough day at work or am in a bad mood, and if i swing by my fav shop and get a nice deal ona beautiful dress I am immediately happy. There is a weird sense of achievement there..I knwo it sounds crazy but that is the way it is for me :)...Shopping onl;ine is great fun..but I limit that to elecronics and stuff liek tht. I want to go out full force and get my clothes and shoes. The mall id definitely my heaven!!!! Now that I live close to the city..well i should saay, a stone's throw from the city, and tht tooa hip and trendy city liek Boston, I end up updating my wardrobe every season, and yes I gonly buy clotes with good deals. So you see even though I am a shopaholic, I am not stupid ;-).....atleast I like to think that. What say Ravan!!!

Shubhika said...

And I still say Aeropostal, Macy's, Old Navy rock!! great clothes, cheap clothes, stylish clothes!!!!!

abhi-shrek said...

hahaha...looks like I touched a sensitive topic....
hmm...looks like I will see the entire comment actually in action @ NYC...n dat too twice....;)