Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nashe mein kaun nahi hai mujhe batao zara

In layman's terms, the word alcohol (Arabic:"al-kuḥl") usually refers to ethanol, also known as grain alcohol or (older) spirits of wine, or to any alcoholic beverage. Ethanol is a colorless, volatile liquid with a mild odor which can be obtained by the fermentation of sugars. Ethanol is the most widely used depressant in the world, and has been for thousands of years. This sense underlies the term alcoholism (addiction to alcohol).

Alcohol does elevate us to a different level. People drink for various causes. Some of the greatest ventures are celebrated with a toast, a special occasion marks the clinking of glasses and a pop of the bubbly, and also to just revel in the present moment.

There are various types of characteristics which can define people by their preferred choice of beverage. Most guys start out on beer and then develop a taste for the better stuff. The combination of alcohol and music is a deadly one. People dance,laugh and even cry after they are 'done'. Another thing I have noticed is people talk a lot when they are under the influence. I myself have spilled out stuff that most probably I wouldn't have if I was sober.( Then again I do talk a LOT normally.)

Conscience doesn't prevent sin, it prevents you from ENJOYING IT.

The above line is so true. Its for those guys who have a conscience to never touch a drop of the stuff. Now I am NOT advocating alcoholism over here. (Too much of a good thing is bad for one.) I know people who have tried it and say "I just don't like it yaar". Well then you guys probably haven't tried out the good stuff ;).

Another set of people are those who proudly claim to have a capacity of a large tank. I seriously pity this category simply because they are a waste of good spirits. I mean consider a scenario where you are just having a good time sitting and drinking with friends and you are the only one 'left' out because you are the least affected. It ultimately comes out that it is just drinking for the sake of it rather than enjoying the moment. The 'state' which your other comrades are at will never be attained by you.

This goes out to all my fellow revelers of the moment, those immortal lines from the movie 'Sharaabi'.

kissi pe husn ka guroor jawani ka nasha....kissi ke dil pe mohabbat ki rawaani ka nasha....kissi ko dekh ke sanson se ubharta hain nasha...bina peeye hi kahin hadh se guzarta hain nasha...nashe mein kaun nahee hain mujhay batao zara...


stocktracker77 said...

Well U touched one of my favorite topics, so how the heck cud i stay away???
Not getting into the technical & specification details i would like to add a few points

The word sharab is derived from the Persian "aab" for water and "sharr" mischief, hence the water of mischief

Madira, sura or somras were ingredient of the cocktail the gods churned out of the ocean.

It does get lighter part out of the most serious beings. One of the mose essential social ingredients of us growing up, I salute to all those "Aishwariya" outings. Seriously ny1 in todays youth if they have not had their share of good booze social life, they've missed a lot.

Pun intended for "GOOD BOOZE SOCIAL LIFE" as drinking alone is one of the worst crimes, u have no1 around u to guide u to the bathroom in time ;).....

Well abt the Conscience part, apart from being a good oneliner, it doesnt carry much weight today, yes, boozing is so rampant.. that one wud today say "How can u suppress ur conscience n keep urself away from it!!!"...its being socially acceptable, rather than ur liking.

I can write pages on this topic, but cut it short over here by adding a few lines:

Jannat mein ja kar tahooran peeogay

To yahaan peena kyon gunaah ho gaya?

Vahaan hoorein milney ka hai hukum,

Yahaan kyon zinah ka gunaah ho gaya?

(If drinking will be legal in Paradise

Why is it declared on earth a crime?

If virgins are provided in Paradise

Why is womanising on earth declared a crime?)


abhi-shrek said...

haan yaar...seriously miss those 'aishwarya' outings...