Monday, March 3, 2008

Texas Kaamgar Yojana

Living in Texas does have some perks associated with it.The weather has been great especially since I moved from the Midwest. The food has been amazing.Going to a desi joint meant eating at India Palace,India's Kitchen,Gokul (St.Louis) or the occasional Ruchi(Kansas City). Texas seems full of desi junta for now. The park behind my Apt Complex is actually nicknamed Gandhi park.( The official name is Jefferson Park btw )
Cuisine has been really good over here. Desis seem to have pretty much displaced the notion of a Texas Cowboy. Rather it is the time of the Desi Infotekker than the Texas Cowboy. With several corporate giants in the vicinity it comes as no surprise when I can search on google maps for Indian restaurants and come up with results of 10+ joints within a radius of a couple of miles.
Also a BIG factor for desis to have adopted Texas in such way is because Texas is a tax free state.(You just pay Federal over here and not Local.)

On Fri/Sat Night most parking lots in happening nightspots are filled with Hondas,Toyotas and the occasional Nissan,Mitsubishi.Richardson is a suburb which is home to UTD. The shopping complex nearby seems to house only desi shops(names like Bombay Chinese,Zyka,Taj Mahal Imports etc.)

Overall it's been great over here. And also more importantly than any other factor.People are nice too...:)

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