Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kitaabi Keede

I used to be a voracious reader but have found other activities to engage myself over the course of time.It started like a lot of other kids with just plain old comics.(Yes, I have read Indrajaal comics featuring Mandrake,Phantom and other assorted characters) Then there was a phase during school which introduced me to Enid Blyton,Famous Five,Hardy Boys,Nancy Drew (The usual suspects...you know.)

While onto the mystery novels I was also catching up on the the two best loved comic book characters ever.(TinTin and Asterix) Captain Haddock especially was one of my most favorite characters.

However (with the advent of the rat race) the only stuff that I ended up reading in later years were my trigonometry and physics textbooks. I caught up later onto Clive Cussler,John Grisham,Ayan Rand,Mario Puzo. One of the books which really got me though was the entire LOTR trilogy. Tolkien had created a masterpiece which did require some amount of perseverance to go through.(it's a pretty fat tome.) Since then it has remained on my reading list for a pretty long time and will probably stay on top of it too.

A lot of people have asked me to but I haven't read any of the Potter books though. Maybe I will try them out someday. There is another book that I need to mention over here 'Shantaram' by Gregory David Roberts. Now that was a superb book. I tried out Maximum City by Suketu Mehta as well but liked Shantaram a lot better for the entire portrayal of the city of Mumbai.
There is a movie reportedly in production based on Shantaram with Johnny Depp essaying the lead role. I just hope that they do the character justice and don't end up screwing the whole idea behind the book (i.e. Mumbai)

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Shubhika said...

Tintin ..my personal favourite....hehe and not to beat Chacha Chaudhary....but I went way beyond those and lost myself in the owrld of Enid Blyton characters, Nancy Drew and alot others...and then that world gave way to the more grown up books..more grown up characters..but again with Harry Potter i went back to enchantment..and then more recently to books like Shantaram, Kiterunner and Maximum City...This just dosent end......and I love it