Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dark Ages

I personally don't care much for the raves, rants of the MNS, Sainiks et al. There are much more practical things to occupy my life currently than these. The entire marathi speaking thing, mumbai for marathi natives etc. however is an extremely hopeless cause for ppl who have nothing better to do than occupy their minds with this nonsense.

Am a Bong, born n brought up in Mumbai. Yes, I do know marathi (I studied this till the 10th grade) and quite comfortable with conversing in that medium and also when the occasion demands letting choice expletives fly in it. I care more about things that am concerned about like the economy improvement, my car insurance/gas rates, the prices I pay for eating out, trying to select my new crossover/suv from the vast lineup available, getting the best deals from best buy etc. you get the drift.

But if even educated ppl fall for this kind of nonsense then its just sad that even after coming this far in terms of evolution it doesn't take a lot for the human mind to go back to the dark ages.

I wrote this up after going thru this.


Galadriel said...

Well said. However, evidently education has stopped making a difference to people's mindsets, so what can we do?

Niks said...

Get educated politicians is a tired old statement...nobody reasonably educated and of a sane enough mind would want to get in to the muddle of politics. So answering your question, let this phase pass us by. They will definitely find something else to play with.