Monday, December 14, 2009

Tv Purchase contd.

Today I noticed that Samsung was doing a combo deal which included a free Blu Ray(BR) player alongwith the TV that I had purchased on Saturday. Now I do not need a Blu Ray player since the PS3 does BluRay for me. This free player from Samsung originally retails from BB at 200$, and was marked down to 150$ for Holiday sales.

So my intentions were to get the free player and then post an ad on craigslist/other classifieds and make some $ from this. When I got to BB this evening I went and picked up the BR player and went straight to customer service to check it out. In front of me was a dude who had bought a Panasonic plasma tv but since Panasonic was not offering any combo deals so he was looking to get a BR player. As soon as the customer service rep got me thru I went ahead and sold my BR player to the dude for 100$ cash.

Win-Win situation for all. The dude wins as he got a brand new BR player for 100$ instead of 150$, BB wins because they managed to ship another combo out, I win as I recovered some costs. Only Samsung has lost out over here since they didn't make any money on the guy who bought my BR player.

Moving on, thus in this calender year I ended up making 2500$+ purchases from BB (Nikon D90+Samsung TV). This entitles me to Silver Elite status on the rewards card. One of the perks of this being a 45 day return policy instead of the usual 30 day. Thus the way I look at this is since the Super Bowl will probably end up falling within this 45 day window if the price of the TV falls further after the Bowl I will be going back to BB to get my price-match guarantee.

I Love Best Buy.


SEV said...

Great stuff. I love to hear about Best Buy getting screwed by their own policies.

abhi-shrek said...

Am probably blacklisted now by BestBuy :D