Monday, December 14, 2009

TV purchase

I recently bought a new 46" Samsung LCD HDTV. Here's my experience.

Last Tuesday I went and bought my TV (Model 1) for x$(lets say) from Best Buy (BB). This was a deal that I had seen online and so went ahead. On Wednesday I was playing Assasins' Creed 2 when I noticed a solid black line right across the center. Now obviously since I was in the 30 day return policy period so on Thursday evening I went back to BB and asked them if they could hold one of those TV's for me since I didn't want them to get sold out. BB costumer service rep said "Sure, we'll hold it for you which you can come and pick up on Saturday morning when you bring your existing TV in".

On Saturday morning I went back to BB with the TV now to exchange it and get the one which they said they would hold for me. Now I go upto the Geek Squad desk and they verify that there indeed is a solid black line thru the center of the screen. So I get the go ahead from Geek Squad to pick up the one which I wanted. Now when I get to the TV section the sales rep tells me that those particular TV's (Model 1) are sold out. So I try to see if they are there in the other BB in the area and it seems this TV is sold out over there as well.
So now am quite pissed since a TV was promised to me and TV I shall have.

So I go ahead and take the next higher end TV (Model 2) for (x+80)$ thinking that "abhi, 80$ ke liye kaun kitkit karega". So I go home with Model 2 now. I set it up and it looks gorgeous and no black line. The next morning when am browsing thru the BB online store I notice that the price on Model 2 has fallen by 80$ and the price on Model 1 has been hiked up by 120$. So now in the evening I go back to BB and ask them to refund me back the 80$ that they had charged me the previous day since I am well within my rights to return that and buy it again for a cheaper price. And BB goes ahead and refunds me the money. (Totally the refund was 116$, tv+protection plan+sales tax refund)

Now it seems to me the software BB is using to determine these markups has a very weird loophole in it which allowed me to get the Model 2 at the same price as Model 1.

Special Mention: Alok and the Cougar for helping me cart this beast around.

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