Monday, September 7, 2009


Ever since I got the iPhone I have OCD'ed on having a perfectly sorted music library with even the Album Art for each and everything. This is fine when it comes to rock/pop/hiphop etc. , however having album art for a bollywood album is an entirely different matter.
iTunes is a very nice s/w (which I run under Win Xp which is running under Vbox under Ubuntu) and it works well with Album Art. But Bollywood unfortunately doesn't have a very comprehensive section within the iTunes library. Also most of the tracks from Bollywood on my HDD are downloaded from a multitude of sources which also implies screwed up id3 tags. So when am getting the playlists updated on iTunes they often get screwed up from the album's view. And since the iPhone is capable of displaying some gorgeous album art it makes even more worthwhile to get it on there.
So far I have successfully kept everything working all good and clean with all album art working properly too. OCD is turning out fine so far. :)

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