Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Day

Am about a week away from the 23rd now. 23rd is my bday, but dunno if there is anything special over here. Its been a while since I left Rolla so the crazy parties are no longer in the picture.
Also 23rd being a Wednesday doesn't help, falls smack in the middle of the work week. Maybe I'll end up having a good time with friends over the weekend though. Also am quite sure that colleagues at work will bring a cake over too.Also time to go over some questions from the Gipsi.

1. Kept Fit - Ummmm...Tried to for a while

2. Attended any friend's wedding- No . I even couldn't attend a friend's wedding in the US since memorial day weekend i was away from town to Colorado. The last I attended was an engagement in 07.

3. Lived Well- For now, yes, quite well

4. Got My Car - Yup, its been a while to that now. Hopefully get another newer one by the time I get around repeating these questions next year.

5. Fell In Love- Lol, Of course, several times n then some more

6. Got promoted - Well I have been training someone so I guess am ahead of someone now.

7. Gave up my shopping obsession - Never had one to begin with

8. Stopped Being Bitchy - Never was an issue

9. Doubled my bank balance - Hell yeah (Ref. to 7)

10. Acted sensibly on a number of occasions - Yes, several actually, which is very very unlike me.

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