Sunday, August 23, 2009

Car views

Before I say anything else let me state for the record I love my car. Its a 2000 model year Mercury Cougar V6, Automatic.

Ford stopped the production of these cars in 2002 just like GM stopped doing the pontiac firebird the same year. So there are very very few cars that you will see today on an daily basis that are Cougars (car). However since the population of these is less and also because of its very very distinctive styling I have often got hi5's, hand waves, head nods from other drivers at an intersection who have been driving a cougar. (I can assure you that Honda/Toyota owners do not share such an association/camaraderie)

Obv since its an old car though does mean that it has its set of problems though. Thankfully in my case those issues have been mainly electrical and common problems with the car from the day Ford started production on them rather than something new. (I had a blown AC motor, Auto door lock, and the worst being a new alternator in the past 1.2 years.) Mainly my commute is to work and back, around 13 miles in all and some trips to Detroit around the weekends.

I am a big guy so when I drive, the driver's seat has to be all the way back and all the way low. This essentially renders the immediate rear seat behind effectively useless unless the person sitting in that position has no legs. However the car has one of the largest trunk spaces I have ever seen. I mean it can easily hold an entire cycle in the trunk area(with the back seats flipped down) without needing the front cycle tire to be dismantled. I love the trunk space that can be afforded over here.

I do plan to ship the car if I end up moving out of the mid west area though and maybe sometime next year get a brand new car. (more like crossover/suv now) :)

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SEV said...

Damn, now you've made me senti about my car(s) :) I've never managed to hold on to them long enough - thats a different story though.