Sunday, March 1, 2009


Most of my friends have this thing about individualism. "I have my opinions and everyone else can go to hell." This is fine except when a heated debate/discussion is going on about certain sexist topics.

I usually try and stay out of discussions like these as I really am not that smart to think about 'hard issues' and also because I have better things to do/eat when something like this is in the air. Like last night there was this whole thing about women not being good in the field of computing/engineering etc. etc. so on and so forth. (Ok. There were two issues over here 1. the topic mentioned previously and 2.some delicious paav bhaaji n kanda.) As most people will guess I would anytime have gone with the latter choice.(As I did)

Getting back though I will say that today it would boil down to the monetary concerns in the end. Whoever can do their job faster/cheaper will win. (Take note that faster/cheaper does NOT imply that the outcome of the job was mediocre) Irrespective of any other conditions etc. etc. This is America, a hardcore capitalist state, the American business principle is ' We pay for brains.' So if a male can do a particular task in x number of days with y number of resources and the same days/resources are taken by a (similar) female then all other assumptions/outcomes are irrelevant.

Coming down to basics lets say we need 10 boxes each weighing 10 lbs to be moved from Point A to Point B in 10 mins. Now a male will/may be able to do this effortlessly. However the chances of a female ending up with a torn ligament/minor ache/cramps at the end of it are much higher than that of the male's. This is often confused with the notion of inferiority. Consider another scenario where child rearing etc. are concerned. It goes without saying that the female is by far the superior over here. (PLZ do not consider exceptions in the above cases like the world's best female weightlifter and the best male nurse.)

IMHO discussions like these are just a waste of time and energy as far as am concerned there are more worthwhile things to think about especially with the state of the economy as is. I would rather just laze and eat some good food rather than get involved in crap like this.


Alok said...

I agree with you that discussions like these are total waste of time. Especially when we are not bothered about changing or even trying to change the situation. But that may not be a reason for not having an opinion at all.

abhi-shrek said...

Again let me reiterate as long as monetary situation remains the same rest all is irrelevant...