Saturday, March 7, 2009

Modern day OST

Loved Amit Trivedi's Dev D and now after listening to a few from Gulaal hats off to Piyush Mishra as well. While Dev D was more about the all these different types and tastes of music i.e. Folksy / Rock / Wedding/ Psychedelic, Gulaal is more about the lyrics and poetry. (Of course I had to shamelessly download both these albums.)

It starts off with 'Ranaji' a regular mujra/item number (this song has been picturised on Paro (Mahie Gill btw)). Pay close attention here to the lyrics with references to 9/11, the Iraq and Afghanistan Invasions, and Coke/Pepsi. This witty number is followed by 'Yaara Maula' sung by Rahul Ram and Aushim (members of Indian Ocean.) For some reason this reminds me of Linkin Park's Session with thought provoking lyrics though. "Tum hi kal ke ho Shivaji, tum hi kal ke ho Sikandar".

Then theres 'Aarambh' an out an out war song with the drums and tutari giving us a nice effect. This is the perfect example of heroic poetry and one of the showpieces in the trailers. Shudh Hindi is the norm over here. Next is 'Aisi Sazaa' a very melancholy number sung by Shilpa Rao. Heavy lyrics again over here.

Next up is 'Sheher'. This one has a nu-age feel to it with 'Shudh' Hindi again. There are subtle references to this being the title track with references to Gulaal as 'Jis raat sheher mein khoon ki baarish aayi re' . Rekha Bharadwaj again makes another vocal apperance with 'Beedo'. However the previous item number was much better though. This one appears similar to Omkara's 'Namak Ishq Kaa'.

'Duniya' is next and another very dark track inspired from the Pyaasa song by Gurudutt 'Yeh duniya agar mill bhi jaaye toh kyaa hai'. In the words of Dhake, genius over here. The album finally closes down with 'Raat ke Musafir' which is almost devoid of an instrument alltogether. This track has to be listened in perfect silence its almost like meditation of sorts. The echoing lyrics give it a different touch alltogether almost surreal.

My friends often complain that ARR is not that great because more often than not the lyrics are sacrificed for some good music. Piyush Mishra gives us just that, lyrics in some good music. It would be interesting to see how Amit Trivedi, Piyush Mishra shape up. Remember that Vishal Bharadwaj had scored the music for Maachis and Satya and later gave us the superb Maqbool and Omkara.

Go and listen to Gulaal now and you won't regret it. Good lyrics are genius.
FYI Piyush Mishra is the same guy who gave us Dil Dance Maare - Tashan

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