Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grammy Rewind

The Grammy's have been the pinnacle to judge music from but does it really matter. Since music is basically subjective so who is to decide whether one song is 'better' than the next. If the judging was upto me then Slipknot/Metallica would have walked with a major bulk of the awards.

Psychosocial and The Day that Never Comes would have been the picks for me from last year. For Metallica, 2008 was the year when they silenced their critics with a return to old school trash metal. Slipknot also had big expectations to live up to with a followup to their mindblowing 'Subliminal Verses'. I was not a big fan or their debut 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.' but when 'Iowa' came out I was blown away and then after a listen to the Subliminal Verses I was another one of 'the maggots'.

Moving on, the grammy's have become a farce now. Very few people outside the music industry this year knew anything about the nominees. There were the same usual performers, U2 n co. Also most people just care about genre's now. AFA am concerned Country + Rap = CRAP music. So I do not really care about who gets in, in those categories. Give me some good old school metal and am happiest.


Galadriel said...

but mia danced while she was preggers!!!

abhi-shrek said...

yes yes...mia did her show while she was pregnant n all....but that doesn't make the 'awards' go any better now...performances n all are fine but its called the 'grammy awards' n not 'grammy performances' even though she did lip synch her way through her set the awards on the whole would still not be the reason most ppl would have watched it(with bated breadth) if mia did her jhatkas n matkas then she wud hav made news by delivering a kid on stage....:)