Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have hardly visited this place since the past couple of weeks due to a 60 hr work week thing going on currently. A lot of that work is to do with Document Generation again and making changes to hundreds of these word/pdf templates or so. In short very tedious and need to be very very meticulous and tenacious with this.

My review came in sometime in the past couple of weeks as well. It was positive overall. The comments were "His greatest strengths being flexibility of assignment and willingness to step up to the plate to complete any task". Feels great to know that work is appreciated as well and its not just about the green.

Am looking forward to weekends now more than ever not just to relax but to get my other stuff done including paying rent, utility bills, groceries, cooking etc. Also need to arrange and sort/tag my massive music collection sometime as browsing through coverflow in the iPhone gets a lot more easier.

Another post soon on the iPhone on my efforts in getting iTunes and the iPhone to play well with my Ubuntu box.

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