Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chevy and Mitsubishi

Had a very interesting discussion with my PM yesterday regarding the whole India outsourcing thing. Lets digress for a while, he owns two cars, a Chevy and a Mitsubishi. Now essentially the Chevy is the flagship American car and the Mitsubishi is the 'foreign' model. However as far as manufacturing is concerned more of his Mitsubishi is made in the US as compared to his Chevy, which is made in Korea.

So if you are looking at sending people back then due to reasons of recession then there is a lot more to lose rather than gain. As this practice would then have far greater consequences. Like just because people are not buying a Chrysler over a Honda does not mean that to support the economy you send back Honda to Japan and make sure that people only buy Chrysler. Thus this finally hurts the economy even more if Honda also employs American workers, then you are looking at an even bigger blackhole.

Same thing goes for foreign workers,(like yours truly) they still pay taxes and buy products over here so if everyone of them is sent back just because there is a recession going on then there would be a greater backlash.

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