Saturday, May 7, 2011


Stealing this meme from SEV

20 years ago I . . .
1. was in elementary school
2. discovered swimming
3. was watching mahabharat n visiting ppl over summer vacations

15 years ago I...
1. was still in school.The last stages of it.
2. playing soccer in the monsoon
3. started playing the guitar.

10 years ago I . . .
1. was doing engg.
2. attending a ton of rock shows all over the mumbai landscape. So much that I was there when PDV was first starting out at Terna Engg, Nerul.
3. Just having a blast going thru college, made some lifelong friends in the process.
4. did a lot of PC gaming, AoE, Halflife, NFS (this is when I first heard about the Nissan Skyline)

5 years ago I . . .
1. was in the process of coming to Rolla.
2. travelled alone thru some remote areas of interior Maharashtra on local transport. One of the best trips ever.

3 years ago I . . .
1. switched from working in the auto industry in LA to the Insurance domain in Lansing, Michigan.
2. found a fantastic mentor at work, if you have seen HOUSE M.D. now that is what the mentor was like.
3. got my first car, the Mercury Cougar

2 years ago I . . .
1. was working 60hr/week shifts
2. got promoted at work and was mentoring another guy now
3. but gained the lbs as a result.

1 year ago I . . .
1. moved to DC from Michigan, got back to swimming
2. got the G37, (ref. from 10 yrs back,the Infiniti G37 is known as the Nissan Skyline 370GT in Japan)
3. started exploring the DelMarVa and started using the Nikon outdoors more
4. discovered that the best time for a drive is early Sat morning when 
everyone's wasted from the previous night of partying. 
Thus got upto 130mph/210kmph on the I-70 at 5am, thanks to clear roads.

So far this year I . . .
1. have been busy with parents n relatives visiting.
2. have got a receiver + surround sound setup now and the blu ray on the ps3 is being used to its full potential
3. thanks to the above have been hooked to the full sonic range capabability from the likes of Yanni, Satriani

1 week ago I . . .
1. saw Chalo Dilli, Fast Five
2. ate awesome dosa at Udipi Palace
3. saw Braveheart after a very long time. It's still kickass.

Yesterday I . . .
1. got a colleague's large library of Dvd's, gladiator, troy, pirates, matrix, generally good stuff.
2. got done with my regular 2km/day swim.
3. put on the Division Bell, audio bliss.

Today . . .
1. is a Friday and may meet some friends later tonight
2. will start watching some stuff from the library
3. Hookah + Tandoori/Chinese nights.

Tomorrow I will . . .
1. recover from the hangover.
2. check out tickets to India again.
3. will try to swim some more.

In the next year I will . . .
1. try to make an India trip during Holi. 
2. hopefully not be married ;)

Done. This meme was easy. Typed this up on Friday, posted it on a Saturday :)


Peachyyy said...

Interesting life!
House MD - WIN#


Prague said...

Yay for the Infiniti G37! Love it! And going 130 mph!