Sunday, December 5, 2010


As a latest update, have now quite got the hang of rev matching, have switched from Linux finally back to Windows, have been playing the drums (Alesis DM6), work related stuff will always be there on my mind, n watch a lot of TV thru the entire weekend (College Football, NFL and of course Dexter S5).

Speaking of TV, I hardly ever watched any sport as much as this NFL season, even cricket, partly this can be attributed to coworkers/ friends following NFL, College Football and also as in Lansing due to being around MSU where the Big Ten is a religion. Infact I have started following football so much that I tried to watch an EPL (Chelsea/Everton) soccer game a few days back and it just seemed slow and boring in comparison. College Football  is even more interesting since the Spartans had one of their best seasons in 20 years.

This brings me to Dexter, I usually don't follow a series but Dexter is different. I started following Dexter from last year in Lansing due to recommendations from various co-workers and so initially caught up on seasons 1-4 on Dvd's and finally started season 5 on the regular TV schedule. IMO, the best seasons have been in that order seasons 2,4,1,3. Season 5 looks to be shaping up as a classic as well, sortof a combination of seasons 2 and 1.

After moving to DC have hardly ventured out at all except for an occasional NYC trip, rather have had a ton of visitors for sometime now, starting from July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and prob thru the end of the year as well. Need to get out and connect with STL/KC folks sometime, its been a while since I met the old gang. 


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love DEXTER, too!

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

"Dexter" rules!!!!

I am glad your friends recommended it to you.

Peachyyy said...

I was blog walking, saw the Dexter picture below.
And I'm like i have to follow this blog!

Dexter = best thing. Ever. :D

abhi-shrek said...

Thanks, and I thought most folks hadn't opened their minds beyond saas bahu junk ;)

From Broadway said...

loads of people say it's a great show. Need to start watching it...

abhi-shrek said...

@From Broadway
Dexter is an easier series to follow say compared to Lost, 24; a dozen gripping episodes are better than a long drawn out series sometimes