Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drive to DC

Recently relocated to Washington DC. I decided to drive there instead of flying as I had done previously.(LA -> Lansing) Since I was more comfortable now with long/boring drives than I was initially.

I decided to leave around noon on Friday, halt at Rama's at Pittsburgh (my apologies to Ramya here) and then drive onto DC the next day(Saturday). I had recently also got my car serviced and decided to give this a shot. So I loaded my car with as much stuff could fit into it and took off.

Michigan,Ohio for the most part is just boring old flat land, the Ohio Turnpike especially was extremely boring, since speed limits are heavily enforced in Ohio and also since I have an old car and had decided to keep it around 2500 rpms. Thus the initial part of the trip was extremely boring (I had a good playlist ready thankfully).Once I hit Pennsylvania though things started to look up. Mountains and long curves were the norm. However since this was nightfall so couldn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped to.

By the time I reached Rama's I was exhausted. The next morning after a good night's sleep and a cup of South Indian Coffee I set out to DC. This time it was amazing though for the drive thru the mountains. Perfect weather, early morning(lesser traffic) had made it the perfect time. Pennsylvania to Maryland was much shorter, more gorgeous drive. Tunnels especially reminded me of the Mumbai - Pune expressway.

I got into DC around noon finally. There is some stuff (PS3, Guitar etc.) that I have left over at Pittsburgh and so will be going back there again in a few weeks to pick those up. The next time around I plan to halt a while to get some snaps of some awesome landscapes.

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