Saturday, January 17, 2009

Falling Wickets

This post comes after going through GK's. In the past year a lot of friends have got hitched and this year has just started and already I have a long list of ppl who will get hitched. Being in the Sam land is a real downer at times like these cos you are missing out on these 'special' occasions more often.

The funny part is that seeing all the shaadi pics of my friends drives me away more n more from the very thought about marriage. I mean love n all that is fine but c'mon you can't be serious. Especially for those whom I know quite well.(Shweta(Houston)/Mayukh/Gala/Ugands/) Marriage definitely is an institution and requires a tremendous amount of patience above all else. I am very very happy for now being single. (For those who doubt this, let me state for the record that I HAVE BEEN THERE AND DONE 'THAT').

On an India trip this year is a plan for a good outing to Goa. But being hitched deters some of my buddies from joining the others as would not have been the case in the good ol days.(I can say this as being the only reason and not the lack of holidays because the trip is during a rare, Good Friday long weekend when most offices are off). There are a huge amount of responsibilities after getting hitched and I totally understand if some folks abstain from reliving the bachelor days.

The freedom that one gets is unparalleled when one is not married. Basically it means one only has to think of doing something and can do it without effecting anyone else in the process. Like now that am a working stiff I prefer my weekends being just lazing around the house and catching up on just general housekeeping and stuff. The whole point of a weekend is that you get to unwind at home and during those rare long weekends make plans well in advance for that Miami/Vegas vacation.

But this is hardly ever the case with ppl getting hitched as ppl work through the entire week they want to spend more and more 'quality' time together which leads to them going out to movies, shopping etc. etc. This is one the main issues I have with marriage. I prefer doing general housekeeping,cooking,laundry,groceries on the weekend so that I won't have to deal with them during the middle of the work week. If someone does want to spend quality time then plz do help me in all the previous housekeeping activities too. But unfortunately the term 'romance' is never associated with practical stuff (Washing dishes, car cleaning etc.) and more so with the most impractical ideas.(Watching sunsets, Long Walks etc. you get the drift)

I have no doubt that plans are already being well laid(pun intended) for my upcoming vacation in India. (I feel like Israel now surrounded on all sides by Arabs but still existing). There will be a few survivors left by the end of this year from my old friends list who will still be unattached and I hope to be among those few.

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